9 may 2022

DoubleZero (Director’s Cut) print-on-demand update:

  • Thursday 5 May: Files submitted to the printer.
  • Saturday 7 May: Files accepted by the printer.
  • Saturday 7 May: Proof ordered.

They’re telling me 4 to 6 weeks for print and delivery. I could have the proofs in two weeks for an extra $40, and in 4 to 6 business days for $112. I stuck with media mail for $4.50 because that’s the option most of you will likely go with because it’s the least expensive. It’s not the printer’s fault. Shipping costs are ridiculous.

We’ll see what the actual time turns out to be. It used to be a week to accept the files, and this only took 2 days. I will update you when I’ve received the notice that the book has shipped, and again when it arrives.

I hope you’re doing well today.