13 may 2022

I feel like I should watch a horror movie or something today. Maybe I’ll just watch the news. Nothing is scarier than the real world at the moment.

There’s an idea for a game, or at least a DoubleZero setting, probably a divergent/spin-off line, that’s been crawling around in my head. It’s one of those projects that my heart is screaming drop everything and do this now, while my head says no, that never works out well. I’ve given it the codename DoubleZero Red until I come up with an actual title or abandon it as a terrible idea. It feels like a zine, by which I mean an actual throwback punk print zine and not the egalitarian anything-goes definition used by TTRPG Kickstarter.

If I do it, I think I’d do it as a limited run, like 6 issues. 24-32 pages. All of the issues would be done before I released the first one. If it did well, I might do another 6-issue run. This feels like a get-it-out-of-your-system project, though.

I hope you’re doing well today.

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