14 may 2022

Yesterday He Who Is Not Supposed To Be Named posed a question about everyday carry (EDC). Is it still EDC if you never leave the house? I found the question to be interesting because next week I’m going to be working in a coffee shop for the first time in forever. It made me realize that I don’t even have a pre-packed work bag with all of the things I might need. With the pandemic, everyone has been working from home.

Several months ago, when I latched onto the idea of doing The Future Is Analog, I began to follow the EDC community. It kind of went the way of following the bullet journaling community, in that it was less about sharing tips and ideas and more about showing off your stuff. I don’t care about who has the most expensive space pen or highest-rated multitool any more than I care about which Victorian floral washi tape you used or the watercolor technique you practiced to layout your monthly log. Plus, parts of the EDC community really started giving me a doomsday prepper vibe.

I hope you’re doing well today.

One thought on “14 may 2022

  1. *Googles EDC*
    Electric Daisy Carnival music fest? No.
    Every day carry? Yes.
    *Backs away quickly*


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