18 may 2022


If you’re looking for a religious experience, go to Three Amigos and get anything with carnitas. Forget the wonky web address, ignore the spelling errors, this is the best Mexican food I have had since leaving Tucson in 2009 (New Mexico doesn’t count, that’s New Mexican food, which is a whole other wonderful thing). Not sponsored, I’m just a fan.

The library is having a book sale. 5 for $1. I now have plenty of physical books to occupy me for the summer. My beach reads include John Le Carre, Tom Robbins, and Norman Mailer because I’m weird. And yes, I read women and BIPOC authors, too, these are just the books I picked up at the sale.

I discovered Elizabeth Filips on Nebula while looking for something else. There’s a lot of good information in the linked video, including some tips that I’m adding to the way I schedule tasks. My only issue is that she talks so bloody fast. I had to slow the playback to 3/4 speed to understand her.

I hope you’re doing well today.