20 may 2022 | sacred space

hunky dory

The idea of workspace as sacred space comes from artist Tom Sachs. It’s explained in the video below, 10 Bullets, a primer for those working in his New York studio. The idea is something that I’ve worked toward for many years but never had words for. I have talked about wanting to work monastically, setting boundaries around my time, and even referenced Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ideas around flow states. Workspace as sacred space encompasses all of that.

Following up on yesterday’s update about how I work, I realized that the biggest hurdle to maintaining the sacred space was myself. Texts and phone calls came in during my structured writing time. They were from people that I probably shouldn’t ignore. I did not want to stop what I was doing to deal with them. The way I ended up handling it was taking a moment to step into the kitchen, text them that I could not talk at the moment, and provide the shortest answer. Then I left my phone in the kitchen, on silent, and went back to writing.

(There exists the possibility, in at least one case, that not answering will lead to the person showing up on my doorstep. That would be a more extensive interruption. Life is too complicated. Mitigate violation of the sacred space,)

At the moment I am editing a chapter on rapid logging for a book on bullet journaling. I was thinking about that while deciding how to best maintain my boundaries. What was the shortest, most concise answer that I could give so I could return to what I was doing? What’s the shortest entry you can write in your daily log so the information is not lost but you can return to what you are doing and deal with the log entry later?

Then I thought about how, as a person that has been described as gratuitously verbose, I have embraced the creative limitations of this daily update as well as the precepts of the Black Box Manifesto. It was at that moment that I realized that rapid logging and workspace as sacred space are both expressions of minimalism.

I hope you’re doing well today.