24 may 2022

The Deal of the Day for DoubleZero lasts until 11am Eastern today. Save 40%.

That one small issue with the print-on-demand file for DoubleZero has been fixed and resubmitted. Again, not a printer issue, a me issue. I’m being picky. Now we wait. If the proof for this round looks good, I will begin submitting other books. The goal is to have everything available as POD by the end of the summer at the latest.

I was going to release Campaign Journaling today, but DriveThru is having some back-end issues. Those may not be resolved for a few days. I will drop it as soon as possible, Meanwhile, I’m working on the DoubleZero- and Hippogryph-specific versions of that book, as well as continuing edits on Character Journaling.

I hope you’re doing well today.