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A hippogryph is a strange paradox, combining the elegance of a giant eagle with the stability of a horse. It is a hybrid of two things that cannot logically go together. Somehow the unlikely remix produces something that elevates both of its antecedents. Throughout time, the mythical hippogryph has symbolized everything from the contradictory nature of religious belief to the unyielding power of romantic love. For me, it represents how the whole can be more than the sum of its parts. Lofty yet grounded. Poetic yet practical.

Hippogryph is so named because it is full of such dichotomies. My strongest influences are structured legacy systems like Dungeons & Dragons and lighter, more free-form mechanics like those found in Fate. My goal with this system has been to leverage the strengths of each style, use them to compensate for their collective limitations, and create something singular, entertaining, and practical.

The system you are about to read began as a hybrid of the D20 SRD and Fate Accelerated. The horse and the eagle. Not a conversion of one to the other, but a whole, new thing incorporating the strengths of both. I like how it turned out. Hopefully, you will enjoy it for what it is.

This book includes:

  • Systems: All of the information necessary to run a game, including the core mechanic, the use of hero points, and more.
  • Characters: The character creation system, explanations of abilities, and prompts for creating backgrounds.
  • Equipment: Mechanics and statistics for weapons, magic items, and other tools.

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